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Thermal Insulation

Reduce energy costs and protect product for storage tanks and pipe systems.

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Protective Coating

Protect tanks, vessels, pipes, pumps and containment areas.

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Metal Repair

Fix corrosion, thin-wall, cracks and holes in pipes, tanks, pumps and mechanical equipment.

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Concrete Repair

Fix spalling, cracks, structural, water leaks, acid brick, refractory.

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ErectaStep Crossover Stairs

Fast install, modular design for endless configurations, OSHA compliant to enhance safety.

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Flexible Safety Barriers

Protect people and assets with guard rails, column guards, bollards and rack protectors.

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Industrial Safety Gates

We sell OSHA compliant industrial safety gates with adjustable width and universal mount.

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Portable Stairs

OSHA and IBC compliant aluminum stairs for office trailers, loading docks and semi-trailers.

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Interactive Solution Maps

Pick an application example and point to your trouble area – a BIG solution for that problem will pop up.

Tank Terminal Solutions

Solutions for storage tank terminals and petrochemical facilities. Soccer live score|Best.

Building Maintenance

Facility maintenance solutions for equipment and structures. Soccer game online|Best.

Hospital Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance and repair services for medical and care facilities. Soccer games|Best Website_abrasive.

Wastewater Maintenance Solutions

Protective coating and repair for wastewater treatment facilities. Soccer live score|Best.

Power Plant Solutions

Facility maintenance solutions for equipment and structures. Soccer games|Best Website_metal.

Loading Dock Solutions

Maintenance and repair services for loading docks. football games today.

Customer Testimonials

We hope these kind words from our customers will give you a better idea of how Banks Industrial Group conducts business.

RE: Tank & Pipe Insulation Project

“With the completion of the recent tank and pipe insulation project, I would like to extend my appreciation for a job well done. As the terminal manager of this facility, it has been my pleasure to work with Banks Industrial Group, LLC...Soccer games|Best

Val S.

RE: Pipe Coating & Insulation

“I would like to thank you and your team for the pipe coating and insulation work that was recently completed at our facility. Pipe deterioration at the soil line has become a real concern at our facility which could lead to catastrophic consequences if not addressed...Soccer games|Best

Alan C.

RE: ErectaStep Stairs Thank You

“In the industrial sector, there are usually a lot of proven companies with proven technologies, and costs differences Soccer game online that are fairly minor with regards to our large operating costs and down time costs. So the biggest thing for me is not price, but customer service!...Soccer games|Best

Jamie M.

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